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Please take note of when the batch you order will be ready - this can be found in the product description and will be on your order.

Postage is calculated on weight and will be added at checkout:

- Grow-at-home: single kit, £6

- Grow-at-home: double or triple kits, still £6!

- Plug kits, £3 (includes multiples)

- Sharpeners, £3 postage

- U.K. postage only


If kits are to be delivered to different addresses you must place the orders separately, if not postage wil lbe combined.

If you order multiple kits as part of the same order they will all post on the latest date.

These kits are amazing. Simple to use and provide masses of mushrooms. It’s mesmerising watching them grow.

Brilliantly packaged, friendly people who will go out of their way to help you and quite frankly a bargain price for amount of mushrooms they produce.

Charley Rose

I ordered the Lions Mane kit to grow awesome Mushroom at home. These grew big and tasted delicious, the process is super easy. If you don't know about Lion's Mane Mushroom go and read about it. As it's not possible to find these fresh in Switzerland I was happy to see them grow at home and being able to make multiple harvests inorder to cook them super fresh!

Yann Locatelli

Marvellous Mushrooms offer such a friendly and warm level of service. I’m a novice mushroom grower, but they made it a simple and fun experience. The mushrooms we grew tasted amazing too. If you’ve ever wanted to give growing them a go, then you can’t go wrong with their products. Enjoy!

Daniel Thuysbaert

A great selection of mushroom kits to grow your own exotic mushrooms. I chose one I’ve never seen or heard of before, wonderfully interesting and fun for mushroom fans! A first class customer service too, these guys were very quick to respond and arrange an urgent delivery.

Many thanks.

Alison Gammell