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Grow fresh gourmet mushrooms at home with one of our easy optimised kits.

You get a fully inoculated, ready-to-fruit mushroom block plus all the support you'll need.

Set-up using the easy to follow instructions, spray twice a day and watch your mushrooms grow.

Please look around our site, check out our shop & get in-touch with any questions you have...


5 star rated

Bought a Lion's Mane grow kit recently, and I have to say - brilliant product! Everything arrived in good time, and with THE BEST most easy to follow instructions EVER! Often times the instruction manuals are such a nightmare and here it was not an issue at all. Got really healthy plump delicious full Lion's Mane.

Defo buying again."

Daniela Hornskov Sun

5 star rated

I am over the moon with my first experience with Marvellous Mushrooms. After finding them on Instagram I purchased their Lions Mane grow kit. I am so happy with the results of my first harvest! Such a brilliant way to get into mycology and growing your own food. And throughout the entire experience I have received so much contact and support from the person who runs marvellous mushrooms. I have been asking so many silly questions and not once have they made me feel stupid or inconvenient they have answered every question and even advised me on who to look at for a lions mane steak recipe. I will absolutely be buying more kits, couldn’t be happier and I would 1000000% recommend them to anyone :)

Olivia Blishen

5 star rated

Where do I start… such a beautiful experience since I received my kit I was super excited! The packaging was secure and the instructions are well explained! The mushrooms grew beautifully and alongside my family I throughly enjoyed tending to my beauties! Definitely something I’ll do again (I’ll try another species next time) but honestly it’s something I highly recommend!!!

Miss Larice

5 star rated

I have nothing but praise for Marvellous Mushrooms!! I've grown the lion's mane and I was so impressed after I had harvested and eaten them (SO delicious!) that I put in an order for the black pearls as soon as I could! I'm currently growing them. 

All the essentials and instructions are provided to make the whole process simple and Craig has been amazing at giving extra help and support through the Instagram page all throughout the process. Clearly someone who loves what they do and is in it for the passion!
Thanks so much :D

George Poynter

5 star rated

Ordered the Oyster and Lions Mane kits. Only 1 week in and we have just had a bumper harvest of oyster mushrooms. The kits come with all you need including clear instructions. And on the basis of how many oyster mushrooms we’ve had great value for money too. The fantastic customer service I received was the cherry on the cake and I will definitely be ordering from Marvellous Mushrooms again.

Caroline Mcnulty

5 star rated

I am obsessed!! I bought the white oyster kit as my first kit to try and since I’ve got 3 more of different varieties and also the log kits. The mushrooms are so tasty and I cannot wait for my next batch to be ready to harvest and cook.

The company are so friendly and helpful with questions you have as I am a complete beginner at growing mushrooms. If your looking to start growing your own mushrooms and not sure where to start, this is the place

Freddie Borland