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Q: When will I receive my kit?

A. Your individual kits will post out on the dates indicated on your order confirmation email. Delivery is usually three days after that date.

Q: Will I get tracking information for my delivery?

A: Yes, you will receive an email from Hermes that will contain your tracking details at time of posting.


Q: What do i do if I have misplaced or lost my instructions? 

A: You can access a pdf of the Lion's Mane instructions here and the Oyster Mushroom instructions here.

Q: Why has my first flush of mushrooms not grown yet?

A: If you have been caring for your kit longer than the maximum days stated in the instructions feel free to send us an email including a couple of pictures of your set-up and we will be happy to advise.

Q: Why is my second flush taking longer than the first one?

A: The second flush always take longer but soaking the block overnight can help to bring on a second flush. Even if you did this already after harvesting your first flush give it another soak. Then if there is still no activity please get in touch by email with a couple of pictures.


Q: When do I pick my Oyster mushrooms?

A: Oyster mushroom must be picked just as the first cap turns upwards. Pick them all at this point, they store beautifully in the fridge (uncovered) for 5 days. If spores / fine dust start to be produced you must pick immediately as the quality will start to decrease.

Q: When do I pick my Lion’s Mane mushrooms?

A: They can be picked just as the spines start to form but can be left for longer if you want a ‘toothier’ mushroom.

Q: How do i pick my Lion's Mane mushrooms?

A: Just twist or cut them off at the growing holes.

Q: Why does my Lion’s Mane not look like the pictures I find on the internet?

A: When cultivated at home they grow all sorts of different ways, this does not change their flavour or health benefits. Most of the pictures you see online are of mushrooms grown in highly controlled grow rooms by professionals.