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We are a husband-and-wife team who love foraging and wild foods, especially mushrooms. Our passion for mushrooms started over ten years ago in the ancient forests around Scotland where we sustainably collect all sorts of mushrooms for personal use. These include Chanterelles, Ceps/Porcini, Oyster Mushrooms, Hedgehog Mushrooms, Chaga and Turkey Tail. We both studied scientific subjects and now bring that to our meticulous data driven approach to gourmet mushroom cultivation where we experiment, measure, analyse and continuously improve. We are proud to be mushroom geeks!


After a lot of reading and research we realised that some of our favourite mushrooms could be cultivated in an urban setting, meaning we grow them in a limited space, without the need for large areas of land or resources and close to the consumer. Perfect to reduce our food miles! After many trials and some failures, we realised that these gourmet mushrooms were something we could offer you as a mushroom grow kit and Marvellous Mushrooms was born. We supported thousands of successful lockdown growing projects!


We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy ultra-fresh mushrooms whether through local producers or by growing your own at home. Did you know that many shop-bought mushrooms are grown outside the UK and some even as far away as China? Even some of those grown in the UK are grown from fruiting blocks made in, and imported from, China. We want to do our bit to help reduce food miles and the impact that has on the environment. Mushrooms when prepared and grown in the UK have a low Carbon footprint and can help us reduce our impact on the environment. In addition to this some profit from every kit will be invested in UK based tree planting projects. We currently work with Trees for Life to plant native trees and re-populate the ancient Caledonian forest. Click here to have a look...

Eat more mushrooms, plant more trees!  


Deep moss in old birch woodland